1,000+ Destinations with bookable hotels

Our platform encompasses over 2,000 cities and popular destinations, offering a selection of 200,000 high-quality international hotels for your choice.

30,000+ Direct contract hotels for you to book from

Our platform integrates multiple renowned international hotel suppliers, utilizing in-house developed price comparison strategies to ensure truly competitive rates.

4000+ Clients already profiting from our business

We possess a robust technical team dedicated to creating a fast and stable hotel booking platform for you.

7X24 customer support and call-back services

Our customer service team provides professional support services, reliable and trustworthy, addressing various special service requests raised by guests.

Why choose Tourmind
Search the global hotel lowest price
The Tourmind Network is a global hotel search engine and booking platform. Based on artificial intelligence mining technology, we integrate global hotel direct signing resources, free query global hotel minimum price, filter and obtain the best price for tourism practitioners, and provide full travel solution for business travel customers. Let your employees or customers enjoy a simpler, faster and more stable travel booking service.
Search global hotel resources is easier
We integrate global hotel wholesalers commonly used by travel agencies to find global hotel resources simpler, faster and more stable.
Free open distribution portal
We can use the travel agency for free for free, and we can use the domestic payment method to book. For the landlord with hotel resources, we can open the distribution portal free of charge to help quickly distribute to thousands of peer travel agencies and online travel websites.
Our service
We believe that we will bring convenient and real-time international hotel reservation services to the travel industry. At the same time, we will continue to increase the number of hotel suppliers, enhance the value of customer service, and strive to make Tourmind the most professional real-time international hotel B2B booking in China's tourism industry.platform.
TourMind offers two collaboration models for industry peers: B2B website booking and API interface integration for reservations. Partners can flexibly choose their preferred method of cooperation based on different circumstances.
Website booking
After registering an account, search for the hotel directly on the official website of the hotel to make it convenient.
Suitable for companies with certain technical strength, the system directly orders after docking, saving manpower
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